Welcome to Base Camps – dedicated to environmental research and education.

To support our environmental projects and alternative energy for recreational vehicles and boats, we are setting up a fundraising program to benefit these programs and those of local, environmental organizations located on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State.


Our nonprofit organization, Base Camps (the umbrella organization for RV Consumer Group and Greenfleet Monitoring Expeditions), is mounting a Fundraising for Nature sale of surplus Base Camps properties and equipment, as well as many donated items on our Glen Logie property in Quilcene.


Our grand opening “Fundraising for Nature Fest” is set for the third Saturday in July (July 15th), and every Saturday during summer months. Fifty percent of net proceeds of all donated items goes to the environmental nonprofit organization that the donor designates, and 50% of the net proceeds is dedicated to Base Camps environmental projects and the Olympic Forest Coalition’s legal fund for the protection of our environment. We’ve set up several canopies amongst four commercial trailers. A tent pavilion will have tables for several environmental organizations to display their materials.


We are accepting donations of the following items in working or fixable condition:

  • Camping gear
  • Trailerable boats
  • Marine equipment of all kinds
  • Sports and Recreational equipment

Some priority items in working or fixable condition:

    • Outboard motors
    • Dinghies, inflatables, kayaks
    • fishing rods, lures, tackle boxes, etc.
    • marine safety gear, especially life jackets and rain suits

We can also use maintenance and lawn equipment such as hand tools and materials.


If you have any of these types of items, please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Items accepted by appointment through our email address bc@basecamps.org or on Saturdays during the sale.


All items will be prepared and offered for sale on location every Saturday during summer months (major items also available to view online). Prices established at a fair market value as determined by our staff. Major items will be displayed online, maintained for sale, and stored on our property until sold.

If you have large items to donate, please contact us and we can arrange to pick up.

Below is a partial list of local nonprofit environmental organizations you may choose your donation to go towards:


Greenfleet Monitoring Expeditions

North Olympic Group Sierra Club

Northwest Watershed Institute

Olympic Audubon

Olympic Environmental Council

Olympic Forest Coalition

Olympic Park Associates


We are in the process of adding to this website photos of donated items for sale that can be inspected and purchased at the fundraising sale. To donate major items, please contact Connie or JD Gallant at bc@basecamps.org. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Please come back to visit us soon!